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Steel Shafts Steel shafts are stronger, more durable and generally less expensive than graphite and are made from carbon steel, although stainless steel is sometimes used. Steel shafts do not experience the torque or lateral twisting found in all graphite shafts and therefore most players would benefit by having steel shafts in their irons. They offer more control on shots and have a greater emphasis on accuracy than distance than graphite shafts. Steel shafts do require a faster swing speed to generate the same distance as a graphite shaft.
Steel shafts are recommended for players with usual swing speeds who could use a bit extra control in their game.

1. Rifle Steel Shafts

The main difference with Rifle shafts is it has no steps. The steel is smooth from top to bottom. The shaft design and construction uses different technologies to provide greater performance and consistency. Frequency Matching of each shaft perfectly matches the flex throughout a set of clubs using electronic calibration. Flexes in Rifle shafts can also be more exactly tailored for the average golfer as they use decimals to meaure stiffness. The stepless design technology eradicates the energy-robbing steps' found on most other steel shafts, which Rifle manufacturers claim provides greater accuracy. Some Rifle shafts offer 'flighted' versions that can generate variable ball routes for different clubs within a single set.

2. Stepped Steel Shafts

Stepped steel shafts are used to gradually reduce the diameter of the shaft from the wider butt end to the narrower tip end that goes into the hosel of the clubhead. A steel strip is rolled into a tube and then mechanically drawn until the diameter and thickness is correct. The step pattern is then formed and the walls are made thinner at the tip and thicker at the top to produce the flexibility. The shaft is then hardened and straightened and finally chrome plated. This advanced manufacturing process offers consistency from shaft to shaft and gives the uniform stiffness right through an entire set. Stepped steel shafts are used in almost all of golf clubs by all the major manufacturers.

Get Your Hands On The “Simple Golf Swing” Training That Has Helped Over 67,546 Improve Their Game–FREE!

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